Footsteps Through Time: A History of Gilbert Arizona

Town of Gilbert, Arizona

Dale Hallock is 78 years old. He never thought he would one day become a volunteer at the Gilbert Historical Museum, his original elementary school.

“It’s quite flabbergasting,” he said as he walked on the original wood floors. “That’s why it’s so interesting to me that the floors sound the same.”
Hallock is a Gilbert historian who has spent the majority of his life as a town resident.

Through his life experiences, Hallock talks about education, agriculture, transportation and the population growth of Gilbert, Arizona.

“I think when you get interested in history, it just kind of takes a hold of you,” he said.

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100 Year Old Recipes You Can Still Make Today: HOMEMADE CANDIES


This book contains home-made candy recipes which are 100 or more years old, but can still be made today. The recipes date from 1885-1908, and include recipes from the author’s great-grandmother in addition to archival recipes from books and newspapers. The author has an MA Degree in History and includes candy history, trivia and cooking tips with regards to candy throughout the book. Unusual recipe details include things like the recommendations of melting grated chocolate for dipping over a teakettle, dipping nuts into chocolate with a thin knitting needle and testing candy on snow. Discussion of the lack of modern refrigeration during this time period is also included. These recipes hark of an older day, but read like a health food cookbook nowadays, due to the lack of artificial ingredients and use of wholesome, pure foods to make old-fashioned candy. “For homemade candies, use pure materials and good fruit. Enough…

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This afternoon I got VERY EXCITED because a photograph I posted to Historypin was tweeted as a Pin of the Day:

I call this photograph ‘Military Baking’. It comes from my great-grandfather’s First World War pictures; he spent the War in Malta, obviously doing something to do with cooking. This is one of my favourites from the collection – I just love the whole set-up; the rolls arranged in neat rows, and the men standing almost to attention behind the table. Then there are the moustaches and the hats to marvel at, and the presence of the young boy to wonder at. I’d love to know whether it was taken in a spirit of seriousness or of comedy.

Historypin is a brilliant idea; it lets individuals or organisations upload photographs, and pin them to a map of the world. It’s especially cool if you have a photograph taken on the street…

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