Grandma Berling’s Recipe For Egg Dumplings

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Grandma Berling's Recipe For Egg DumplingsThis week, Mary Lynn from the Vocalpoint team shares a recipe from her grandmother. It’s the first of several recipes you’ll see over the next few months that feature stories from the families of your leading ladies at Vocalpoint! 

My Grandma Berling (my mom’s mother) used to make these delicious egg dumplings and she’d serve them over chicken and vegetables or pork and sauerkraut – a German dish.  She had 9 children (my mom was #8!) so grandma always needed to feed a small army.

She and my grandpa owned a dairy – The Berling Dairy – and grandpa would be working all day at the dairy while the girls scooped ice cream at the dairy and the boys drove milk trucks — back when milk was delivered door-to-door!  My grandma would get home in time to cook a hearty meal to feed the family and this was one of her favorites.  Like many from her generation, my grandma didn’t actually use a recipe…she knew it by heart and would use a pinch of this and a dash of that.  This recipe is the one that most closely resembles what grandma used to make!   My mom has continued the tradition and makes this for our family as well.  Enjoy!

Makes anywhere from 10-15 dumplings, depending on how large your spoonfuls are!

Ingredients 1 1/2 C flour 2 small eggs, beaten 1/2 C water Dash of salt

Directions Mix ingredients and stir until smooth. Drop from wet teaspoon into boiling soup or salted water. Cook uncovered until dumplings come to top.

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